Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Contemporary Abstract Expressionist Landscape Watercolor Painting by Brad Rickerby

Lots O' Flowers, Watercolor, gouache and dye on paper.
Painting by Brad Rickerby

This painting represents such an emotional contrast for me. I was very depressed when I created this painting, yet the painting itself is very positive, filled with colors and life and positive energy. It always pleases me that I keep creating life affirming imagery while I am in despairing moods. It lets me know that my life is going to go on and that success and happiness are just around the corner.

On to the technique for creating this painting. The first was crucial. First I put some soothing jazz on the stereo and poured a nice glass of wine. I cleared my head, let myself come closer to the surface, then I started painting. The painting itself was large, 16 x 20".  I wet the paper then spread powered clothing dye on the bottom. Use brown, when released by the what multiple colors come out and the grains of dye remain that have the look and feel of dirt. Next I put landscape colored watercolor across the bottom and scraped it upward with a palette knife. I did the same with blues for the sky. I use the same knife to created lines that represent stems for the flowers. Finally I took watercolor and gouache for the flowers. I used mostly round brushes of various sizes to place the flowers. 

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  1. Hi Brad,
    This is very cool. I would like to see more of these!!!!