Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Contemporary Abstract Acrylic Textured Painting by Brad Rickerby

8" x 8" x 1.5"
 Abstract Acrylic on Canvas
$47.00 (with 10% donated to charity)
Painting by Brad Rickerby

There is a lot of energy in this painting. Probably because I spent so much energy throwing paint on to the canvas. I used the same technique here as I did for the others in this series of paintings. The background for this painting is Ultramarine Blue mixed with the slightest dab of Titanium White. The next layer of paints were reds, mostly cadmiums. I then tried to cover the red layer with multiple colors, basically anything that seemed right at the moment. A large percentage of the yellows I used were mixed with Titanium White. The ratio is a lot of white to a touch of yellow. I know that is very exact, but I just keep mixing colors until I have what I want.

A note on color. I never (almost) use paint straight out of the tube. There are so many more beautiful colors that can be made by mixing. And the beauty of the painting is, in the final analysis, dependent on the beauty of the colors in it. In many cases I will mix color right on the canvas. For this painting, and the others in the series, I mixed the colors on the palette prior to throwing them on to the canvas.

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