Saturday, June 25, 2011

Contemporary Abstract Acrylic and Watercolor Painting by Brad Rickerby

Seascape 1
8" x 10"
 Abstract Acrylic and WatercolorPainting on Matt Board
$47 (with 10% donated to charity)
Painting by Brad Rickerby
Available for sale.

I love this pretty and subtle little piece. It started off with the blue being sky, but when my girlfriend turned it over, we both knew immediately that it was actually ocean. So is the way of art.

This painting was created with acrylic ink (by liquitex) and watercolor paint. The sea (or sky, if you must) is Ultramarine Blue watercolor. I painted it onto a dry board but thinned the watercolor with a lot of water so the flow was easy. I placed a piece of wax paper on the blue area and rubbed it down over the entire surface area.

My acrylic ink was prepared in small squirt bottle. A combination of two inks were squirted just a little under the wax paper. The colors were Burnt Sienna and Sap Green. Next I squirted a combination of red and blue inks over the larger part of the board. I placed saran wrap over the uncovered area of the board and pressed the wrap down. Burnt Sienna was squirted on any area of the board the remained unpainted. The saran wrap was the bunched up to create lines and texture, but still covering the entire painting not covered by wax paper.

I put heavy books on top of the whole painting and waited until the painting was completely dry before removing the wax paper and saran wrap. The combination of the two covers make very different kinds of marks. You can clearly sea the pattern left in the ocean (err, sky) but the pattern left by the saran wrap is much more subtle and is better seen in the actual painting.

This one was fun and great because it leaves a lot of room for experimentation without requiring a huge commitment of time.

I am donating 10% of the proceeds of this painting to charity (probably the ASPCA) and will do so with other paintings until the middle of November 2011. If you are interested in purchasing this work it is $47.00 and you can reach me at

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