Friday, April 22, 2011

Contemporary Abstract Expressionist Acrylic Painting by Brad Rickerby

12 x 12 x 1.5""
 Abstract Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Ready to Hang
Painting by Brad Rickerby
Available for sale.

I wanted to do a painting that was totally by instinct, completely by feeling. I wanted to let my emotion take control over my technique. I laid out some tubes of acrylic paint, Titanium White, Kings Blue, Napthol Crimson, Dioxazine Purple, to name a couple. Then I started to twirl the brushes. I started with a two inch brush to lay the base. Then moved to a one incher and finally to a series of smaller brushes. All the time just twirling. I wanted as much movement as I could get. I wanted to convey the emotion, the raw excitement that I felt about just letting go. I also, in my twirls, wanted to mix the colors together so they would not have that out of the tube look. I guess I was thinking a little. Finally I put some Titanium White on a big fan brush and threw it at the painting. Once, twice, three times I hurled the paint. 

The sides of this work are painted so it is ready for immediate hanging. It is also priced to move. If you are interested you can contact me at

Reproductions of the painting are also available at Fine Art America through the link on the upper right of this page.


  1. Brad, I love this! Wonderful colors and movement

  2. Thank you Carol. That means a lot to me. Brad