Saturday, March 26, 2011

Contemporary Abstract Landscape Oil Painting by Brad Rickerby - Waterfall

Waterfall, 24 x 12 x 1.5", Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Palette Knife Painting, Ready To Hang
Painting by Brad Rickerby
Available for sale.

I had been trying to put my vision of a waterfall in oil paint on canvas for a long time without success, for years in fact. So I started this one with trepidation, wondering if was even worth the time and supplies. I rather think it was in the end. I like the feeling, the flow and movement as the paint seems to slide down the canvas.

This painting was created 100% with palette knifes. I like working with palette knifes. I feel closer to the paint with a knife than I do with a brush. The technique here was very straight forward. I put a purplish undercoating on to start. While the undercoating was still tacky, I started running alternate layers of various blues and white down the length of the canvas with different size knives. I just kept going, layer after layer after layer, until I got the look I wanted. What I was looking for mostly were the color balance of white to blue and the way the paint breaks apart when it comes to the bottom of the canvas. I think it looks like the water breaking into foam as it cascades further and further down the falls.

This painting is on gallery wrap canvas and is ready to hang. For sales inquiries, please contact me at

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