Thursday, July 21, 2011

Contemporary Abstract Oil Textured Painting by Brad Rickerby

9" x 12"
 Abstract Oil on Wood
$47.00 (with 10% donated to charity)
Painting by Brad Rickerby
Available for sale.

I took one look at the work of Gerhard Richter and knew that I had to try to emulate it. Let me tell you, it is a lot harder to do than you might think. Here is my attempt (I have another coming soon). It took several months to complete because of all the thick oil paint that had to dry in between all of the many layers.In the end, all I can say is that it is different from what I have done before and it certainly is colorful. I will absolutely spend time trying to refine this technique.

I started with a layer of Zinc White applied thickly with a palette knife. I made sure to leave wrinkles in the spreading of the paint.When the white layer dried, I started spreading layers of color, two or three at a time so they would mix on the surface. These layers where also spread with a palette knife and I made sure that the wrinkles were emphasized. As I went along like this, I used the palette knife to scrape lines, seemingly at random, into the surface of the wet paint. I repeated this process several times, making sure to leave some of the initial white layer showing through for contrast and depth.

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